Saturday, 10 December 2011

Our Inevitable Doom: Liveblogged

Regular commentator and all round smart guy Tomsk79 has asked that I update his blog in the "Fellow Travellers" section, which I have done.  I urge you all to go read him at his new place, assuming of course that you have a burning desire to become immediately suicidal at the thought of what Europe's about to have to go through. 

Or if you just fancy a bit of political commentary that's far less focussed on a) America and b) exciting experiments in unecessary profanity.


Tomsk said...

Ta! I sincerely hope such doom-mongering is proved wrong, of course...

Anonymous said...

Oh & still no answer to my comments in SS vs X-men ? Guess I have less eloquence Than I thought.

Anyway , take this you brute

Hell I even I have a fixated opinion on Daffy Duck! HoooHOOOhoohhoohoohoohoohooohhooo !