Wednesday, 20 February 2013

...And You Shall Know Us By Our Trail Of Ads

I don't think Kevin Drum would object too much to me calling him something of an old fuddy-duddy in some respects.  He's done valuable work over the last few years keeping his "You kids get off of my lawn!" outbursts to a minimum, and recognising his lapses when they happen.

So when I read this (very short) post, I wondered if there was a generational thing at play, or whether I'm in a minority overall.  Am I the only person who loves trailers at the cinema?  I've always thought of them as lovely little bite size pieces of entertainment that are almost always more fun than whatever I end up watching after them in any case.  The suggestion we might get more before a film strikes me as kind of nifty - up to a certain point, at least, and that point is definitely higher than seven.

Is anyone else with me on this?  Or does everyone else wish they could fast-forward the trailers, like on a DVD?


Gooder said...

I love trailers! Part of the cinema experience for me

Tomsk said...

Trailers are enjoyable in moderation, but seven or more does seem excessive. But the real evil are trailers that give away half the plot. Unless they are a bizarre form of self-profit-sabotage I can only assume that most cinemagoers like having plots spoiled, the freaks.

SpaceSquid said...

It is true that a bafflingly large number of trailers start off looking quite interesting, then proceed to reveal so much that interest just plummets downwards.

The new Tom Cruise sci-fi film is an excellent example; an intriguing premise all but explained for you in full by the time the trailer ends.

Gooder said...

In fact I have favourite trailers from across the years and I think I may put a post together with them!

SpaceSquid said...

Sounds like a plan. Perhaps there should be a special prize for most misleading trailer. "The Village" springs immediately to mind.