Friday, 31 May 2013

Friday Talisman: Cults Never Seem To Work Out

Fresh off the paint bench this week, it's the Dark Cultist, who as a Talisman character I've always found a bit boring, but which gave me the chance to try a rather nice colour scheme.  It's pretty similar to the one on her character card, with the major alteration being me giving her tights and boots.  I don't think bare legs and sandals are responsible choices when your dark rituals might end up splashing demonic acid all over the place, or some such.

I'm particularly proud of the weird energy sloshing around her staff's head, but I like the base quite a bit as well.  It's just Stirland Mud with a little Burnt Grass stuck to it, but it seems suitable for the kind of blasted heath I imagine these cultists meet up on to get up to whatever it is they do.

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