Friday, 22 August 2014

Pictures To Prove It

Since Fliss was lovely enough to put all our Scottish photos into a single folder, I've finally found the time to sift through them and offer up some favourites.

What? Taking pictures on a boat is hard.

Our first white-tipped tailed eagle.

The view from Lunga, in the Treshnish Isles.

Puffins on Lunga.

Cormorants, maybe? Or shags. Never could tell.

People once lived on Lunga, until the Great Puffin War that
left thousands homeless and bereft of sand-eels.

A puffin suffering guilt over the war. More conservative
puffins insist the islanders had it coming, and were probably
plotting trouble in any case.

Fingal's Cave on Staffa.

The rock formations on Staffa are amongst the very least
unbearably dull in the world.

Inside Fingal's Cave. Not pictured: the braying rahs
ruining it for everyone.

Cows on a beach. Have I completely BLOWN YOUR MIND?

An eagle in flight; almost certainly a golden eagle, which is
a wee bit smaller than the white-tipped.

Because why?

Apparently this post-box is a big attraction for
Japanese tourists in Scotland.

Because it's one of the only post-boxes in the UK to
bear the initials of Edward VIII. The locals refused to have
a new one installed when "the bugger up and abdicated".

One of the Monty Python castles. I forget the specifics. The one
they fired a wooden rabbit from, I think.

Blair Drummond Safari Park. Lions.

The ghost of a long dead stag, haunting the park,
hungry for... grass, surely?


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