Saturday, 18 April 2015

A Tale Of Cocktails #52

Screwed Banana


1oz creme de banane
1oz peach schnapps
4oz orange juice

Taste: 7
Look: 5
Cost: 9
Name: 8
Prep: 9
Alcohol: 2
Overall: 6.8

Preparation:  Fill hi-ball glass halfway with ice. Add ingredients and serve.

General Comments: Apparently you're supposed to stir this, but I don't hold with such nonsense. If you stir it you spread the creme de banane through the whole drink; far better to let it pool at the bottom and let this get steadily thicker and sweeter as you go.  Oddly, this also has the effect of making the first half of this drink almost indistinguishable from pineapple juice, albeit with some of the tartness replaced with alcohol.

That's a trade-off I, at least, am prepared to make. As to other factors; well, it's a bit dull to look at, and it's not very strong. On the other hand, it's the work of seconds to make, and I love the name, which combines standard pointless cocktail filth with a play on "screwdriver", the vodka and orange combination this beats into the rancid mashed potatoes it always was.

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