Sunday, 20 March 2016

Remember Tokyo: Spring In The Step

The day comes at last
Tokyo dead another year
We will not forget

We start as salesmen
"Have a badge and then sign this
Tokyo Accord"

One-sided as hell
You give us ET tech for
Nothing in return

And yet still it works
Pow'r of guilt compels you
Sign on dotted line

Then to the UN
To fill our chair at council

Arrive late, shame-faced
Just to leave in hail of texts
"You've nicked the whale talk!"

Whales are strange creatures
Gods, I hope that's not racist
We feel bad enough

But seems they've moved on
"You killed my dad, but it's fine"
S'all taken in... stride?

Could be tactical?
"Please translate this yet again
*Cough* genocide *cough*"

Still, only we have
These water-filled ears of whales
Sell for ALL the cash!

Money's on all minds
Famine on the march once more?
Press-gang Bob Geldof

Give him all monies!
Feed his saviour complex!
Benign racism!

"This is Bob Geldof
Ill in bed; can't get to phone
Or to local bank."

We're not having this!
UNSC speak as one
"Snatch Geldof on sight"

If he's ill for real?
Slap him under ward arrest!
Blue caps and white gowns

And now: the new plan
Give international funds
To real diplomats

(One minute to twelve
Sunday night, Bob dies. Last words:
"I don't like Mondays.")

Back to home islands
This Google Translate: Whale-Song
Is making us rich

A knock-off is made
Press announce "Four bucks, all told"
We keep charging ten

Back to New York now
Sec-Gen starts in sombre tones
"We've lost Africa."

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