Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Reason I'm Voting Remain...

...Is actually pretty simple. I mean, it'd have to be; I'm terrible at economics. Fortunately, I don't particularly care about whether "the UK" would be better off economically if we left the EU - not least because this idea that we're a single unit who would all be better off following a withdrawal is a fantasy wielded by my enemies. My thing is this: far, far, far too many in the Brexit camp are salivating over the prospect of us leaving the EU because it will let us toss away various human rights for our citizens. I couldn't give half a loose stool sample whether we would also be in a stronger position economically (I don't think we would, but what do I know?) - the Brexit Tories are looking around the UK in all its austerity-ravaged, empathically-challenged, immigrant-hating, disability-mocking, poor-bashing dystopian horror and hoping there's a way they can be crueler to people.

Fuck. That. Shit.


Tomsk said...

Definitely a good pragmatic reason to vote Remain this time. I would recommend Brexit the Movie to any lefties wavering over which way to vote. It makes the real Brexiteer agenda very clear.

Where I slightly worry about this line of reasoning is it puts the EU in a role of acting as a brake on our own democracy, which plays into the hands of the "take control" argument from Leave. So I don't feel it's enough on its own for me to vote Remain; a positive argument for pooling some of our sovereignty is also required (and maybe soon I might even get clear in my head what that argument is. Not that I have any doubt about which way to vote.)

SpaceSquid said...

That's an entirely fair point. I've been sort of carving out a reply, but you've done a great job over at your e-manor.