Thursday, 18 December 2008

Because You Can Never Start Too Early

If they hadn't sold out, I would demand my flunkies acquire me these for Christmas: A Young Mad Scientist's First Alphabet Blocks.

"Each block measures 1 3/8 inches square and depicts six mad science concepts and the appropriate letters."

Genius. T is tentacle by the way, which raises a number of disturbing questions. It also isn't clear what is on the four spare faces, though blueprints for an atomic bomb, a secret volcano hideout and a fembot, along with the chemical formula for a shark-mutation serum, are good bets.

No h/t to MightyGodKing, for though 'tis true that I found this on his site, he had the nerve to post up that Cure T-Shirt and pretend he located it on a non-me blog, which is clearly impossible.

UPDATE: Link fixed. Thanks, Jamie.


jamie said...

I'm afraid the link doesn't seem to work :(

jamie said...

Cheers for fixing the link.

K for Potassium, awesome :o) Maybe if I'd had these at an early age I wouldn't have loathed chemistry with such a fiery passion...