Monday, 25 April 2011

Random Thoughts

Because I can't think of anything coherent enough to sustain a full post:
  1. I finally watched Carry On Camping this week, one of the only classic Carry On films I'd never seen before (due it being to risque for me to be allowed to see when I was a child). I realise the series as a whole (along with the society it reflected in its heyday) is hardly a bastion of feminism, but carrying the message "Attempt to screw enough schoolgirls and your frigid girlfriend will put out" has to rank as rather creep even by their own low standards;
  2. I realised today that Kate Middleton is actually very pretty (previous observations have been taken up with fervently wishing my television would show me something else).  Certainly pretty enough that it seems very likely that she's broken her share of hearts.  I wonder if there's anyone out there still carrying a torch for her.  How much must it absolutely fucking suck to be them right now?  Good luck, my hypothetical comrades.  I hope you don't really exist!
  3. If there's one thing I hate about living in Kenilworth - aside from the fact that I had to drive through an actual goddamn fire to get home this afternoon - it's that they're all either a) technologically backwards or b) liars.  Four attempts it took me to find a pub with wi-fi tonight.  The first one turns out to switch off their internet on a Monday (despite it being fine last week, and being told this was standard).  The next two both have wi-fi, but it's broken, leaving them to stare forlornly at the (occasionally) flashing lights and grunt impotently.  By the time I found somewhere that actually knew it was doing, I was in time to watch all of six minutes of Game of Thrones.  Combine this with the fact that this entire fiasco only took place because Sky likes to hire congenital incompetents, and I have been left exceptionally cranky.
Anyway. That was my Easter Monday.  How was yours?

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Jamie said...

Surely if you have access to SkyPlayer you should be able to watch the episode on demand up to a month after the original broadcast?

Considering the amount of wifi that I've witnessed in South America (every other fricking backpacker seems to have a netbook on them), yep, I'd say Kenilworth is distinctly behind the times...

And yes, Kate is indeed very pretty. Still glad I'm out of the country for all the hooha though...