Saturday, 2 April 2011

In Which I Am Censored By Villains Unknown

So, here I was, all ready to slap together a new post on the wonders of cocktails, and I notice that my list of ten most read posts has altered.  Which, you know, would be fine and all, except that the new entry at number 10 has four hits less than what was previously there. The previous rearguard has been erased from contention!

Now, I don't know why that's happened, but given the post's content, I can guess: powerful Midlands forces don't want you to know that Robin Hood was a terrorist!  They don't want his name besmirched, and they'll stop at nothing in their mad quest to keep it all quiet! Up to and including tampering with almost entirely pointless list that only I can see!

Clearly they've been doing some checking up on me now that I work in their patch.  I've done some checking of my own.  I took a quick look at Twycross Zoo; right between where Robin Hood's legend originates and where I'm working now.  Look what I found.

Coincidence?  I very much doubt it.

We must fight against the leopards, my friends!  I urge you all to click here as soon as possible.  You don't have to read it! In fact, it's probably better you don't! But my statistics must once again be accurate.  I will accept no alterations of my data set, thank you very much.

In summary: fuck all leopards.


Tomsk said...

What have leopards ever done to you?! Apart from plot your demise obviously.

Best wishes for the move by the way!

SpaceSquid said...

Well, I have to have some kind of nemesis, and I was getting tired of being mean to Bryan Adams.