Monday, 11 July 2011

I Really, Really Hate These People

Shorter Paul McMullan: If you've ever been paid by someone in exchange for work which you then did, you lose your right to complain when they illegally monitor your phone messages.

You have to give Coogan credit here.  Sure, he was agitated and straining at the leash, but he managed too very impressive things: he didn't walk over and cockpunch McMullan with both fists, and he managed to avoid saying what I shouted about five seconds into this clip: "Surely the biggest loss here is the 200 jobs you've pissed away, you remorseless cunt." [1]

Now that would have been telly.

(h/t to Rising Hegemon)

[1] Actually, he may have said that later on in the clip, I could only watch a couple of minutes before my monitor was in desperate danger of being smashed.


Tomsk said...

It was a fitting encounter as McMullan is the kind of character I thought only existed in the comic imagination of Coogan.

SpaceSquid said...

Indeed. Even if you disagree with everything else Coogan said throughout the interview, it's impossible to deny his opening statement: McMullan was a PR disaster.