Thursday, 14 June 2012


"My fellow Americans!  Er... woof!"
Kevin Drum had unearthed fascinating new evidence about how dogs are cute and no-one gives a shit about cats!  My jaw, it is entirely un-dropped.

It's an interesting idea though; bring the doggies out to keep everyone entertained whilst you're trying to cover up an illicit affair, or Watergate, or something.  Maybe if Checkers had been more photogenic Ford would never have ended up with the Oval.

I also adore this line:
We surmise that diversionary pets are a political liability when their frolicking on the White House lawn in hard times might cue the public that not everyone in the country is suffering equally and that being president is not a full-time job 
Because nothing could trouble the proles more than learning that the obscenely powerful, opulence-hoarding White House occupants also keep a dog.  Like this guy:

They won't even have to share a sausage!  There's one each!  Bet he's an immigrant...

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