Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday 40K: Crotch-Rockets Galore

Today my Ravenwing gets some more reinforcements in the shape of two new bikes.  These join another bike I haven't been able to use for years since the ludicrously draconian Dark Angels Codex demanded every infantry squad size was a multiple of five and every bike squad be a multiple of three.

Perhaps there'll be some more Dark Angels reinforcements headed this way soon, if the scuttlebutt about the boxed set for Sixth Edition proves true, though at 2200 points, it's probably time for me to move onto something else in any case.

In other news, my Space Hulk genestealers finally reveal they have feet:

and the Talisman alchemist steps out in a rather unfortunate white with brown undergarment number.


Jamie said...

Thought you might be interested, lots of discussion of the 6th edition of 40k on the Penny Arcade tabletop forum, from this page of the relevant thread...

Jamie said...

OK, not au fait with embedding URLs in html, clearly:

SpaceSquid said...

Ooh, thanks for that! Looks like everyone is assuming that it will indeed be Dark Angels. I thought about this last night and figured the most likely army to accompany them would be Chaos Marines (allowing the theme of the boxed set to be the fall of Caliban), and this seems to be true as well.

Which would be good news, since I could shore up my Dark Angels army and finally return to that Red Corsairs force I last visited two or three years ago.