Saturday, 28 July 2012

Every Dog Has His Election Day

What intelligent mind could not fail to be delighted at the news that leftist dogs, tired perhaps of the endless foolishness of their Virginia masters, have finally chosen to take matters into their own paws?  The surrounding humans may think they have stymied this glorious push towards the socialist utopia by barring the list of dogs given on the website, but they have been PLAYED FOR FOOLS!

The real leftist dogs, the true rousers of the canine rabble, are shown below.  Soon, America, there will be none amongst you who know not their names, save those whose deaths are too quick for grim realisation to dawn.  Allow me to introduce you to:

Karl Barx:

 "Private property has made us so stupid and partial
that an object is only ours when we play fetch with it."

Che Gruffvara:

"The life of a single dog is worth a million times more
than all the dog biscuits of the richest man on Earth."

Fido Castro:

"A revolution is a fight to the death
between the future and the cats."

and Leon Terrierotsky:

"The life of a revolutionary would be quite impossible
without a certain amount of walkies."

plus, obviously:

Bo Obama, secret Communist doggy of the secret Communist Muslim.

Mend your ways, America, before it's too late.  Your dogs are watching you.

You have been warned...

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