Wednesday, 25 July 2012

First Time They've Beaten Us Since Dunkeld

Good.  Unequivocally good.  One more reason to love Scotland, aside from its scenery, wildlife, music, food, and flame-haired Scottish lassies, who I can now only appreciate in the abstract (my flame-haired lassie being Welsh).

Not everyone is thrilled by the idea of gay marriage in Scotland, of course. It's interesting to note the difference between the objections of the Church of Scotland and the Catholic Church in Scotland.  Sayeth the CoS:
We believe homophobia to be sinful and we reaffirm our strong pastoral commitment to all people in Scotland, regardless of sexual orientation or beliefs [but we] are concerned the government will legislate without being able to effectively protect religious bodies or their ministers whose beliefs prevent them from celebrating civil-partnerships or same-sex marriages.
If we can only have one of same-sex marriage or religious freedom in this field, I know which side I'll be standing on, and I don't believe it will come to that in any case.  Nevertheless, it's a sensible, considered response.  OTOH, opines the Catholic Church in Scotland:
The Scottish government is embarking on a dangerous social experiment on a massive scale.
Nice, guys.  Nice and measured.  And it gets better:
[S]ame-sex sexual relationships are detrimental to any love expressed within profound friendships. 
When will gay people wake up and realise the love they think they're experiencing is just friendship with fucking?


Brutal Snake said...

Do you know how married same-sex couples will be treated in other parts of the UK? Will they still be considered married? I'm glad that Scotland is going ahead with this but I do wonder what the situation will be. Will couples with civil partnerships be auto upgraded to marriage in Scottish eyes?

Also I've not been able to work out for a while whether I've missed a memo about love or sufficiently upscaled friendship to make those two pretty much indistinguishable.

SpaceSquid said...

That's a good question, actually. I suspect it will depend on whether they finally opt for independence.

And for the record, I'm most definitely not looking down on friendship + fucking as an idea. If it's good enough for Alanis Morissette...