Thursday, 23 August 2012

All Downhill From Here

One of these days I really should get around to slapping together a quick statistical analysis regarding GCSE results year by year.  Apparently this year they're actually down for a change, which, you know, is what can happen with such things as "variables".

Until I've had time to think and study past data, I've no intention of coming anywhere close to speculating whether this dip is significant, but I will confess to more than a little interest in how people spin this.  The Guardian's quotes seem to be going with the idea that this is too big a dip, which has been caused by overly harsh marking in order to bring about precisely this effect.  That's possible; I've no idea.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other people come up with.  What will those who have insisted year after year that the GCSEs are becoming easier claim this time round?  That this time the exam boards have got it right?  Or that this is proof that teachers are failing or that kids are getting less willing to sit down and learn?

A shiny penny for the first person to spot someone blaming "Broken Britain".

PS: Congratulations to everyone who got the grades they wanted.