Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday Paint Of The Nation

I've not really finished anything for a little while now (other than a spare veteran for my Dark Angels), but I'm partway through enough projects that I thought it might be worth taking a look at whats on my painting table.

(Full credit to Jamie for (eventually) coming up with an excellent idea for improving my photography.  This probably isn't what The Other Half had in mind when she left her epidemiology notes on my lounge floor, but that just demonstrates the importance of cleaning up after oneself).

First up, I've finally finished the hull of the Heldenhammer.  I'm hoping I get the sails done more quickly (i.e. in less than eight and a half months), but I guess we'll see.

Also in progress are two Talisman miniatures; the flamboyant swashbuckler and the vicious werewolf:

(Dental hygiene is important for lycanthropes).

I'm also trying to increase my rate of Space Hulk painting to a bewildering two miniatures a year:

and I've re-based my Tully bannermen as well, ready for a new arrival which I'll be starting any day now.  Who will join their ranks this time?  I'll give you a clue: I now think I've sharpened my painting skills sufficiently for an attempt at rendering titties.

Edit: How strange.  It's not until looking at the pictures when the post had gone up that I noticed that the House Vance musician has misplaced his shield.  I wonder where that's ended up?

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