Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday 40K: Angelic Hordes Come Forth!

Time, I think, to get back to one of my earlier armies (thirteen years and counting, though an earlier iteration of them formed my very first force back in the mid '90s).  A mere four years (give or take) since the latest Blood Angels codex was released, and I've painted one miniature the book introduced. 
I really do love the modelling job GW have done on this, even if the wings/jump pack combo is incredibly fiddly to fit on.  Given all the bells and whistles, though, this took an incredibly long time to paint.  It's just as well he's worth 55 points, really.

That's when he's one fifth of a full squad, of course.  Right now, he's no use to anyone. Except maybe as a needlessly ostentatious veteran sergeant for an assault squad.  Or maybe even a bargain-basement Sanguinor.  That option has its own problems, though; mainly that 275 points is an awful lot to spend on a model Chris will invariably kill on the first turn of our next game.  If you can't win, you may as well ensure your casualties are as uninteresting as possible...

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