Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Today probably isn't the right day for me to complain about bad experiences with aeroplanes.

I can never get over how utterly beautiful the 9-11 memorial is.  Just so simple and gorgeous. 

Of course, while it's been precisely 12 years since the fall of the WTC, it's also four decades to the day since Augusto Pinochet seized control of Chile.  The wonderful Jane Carnall gives a taste of the remarkeable story of the UK response over at her place.  Short answer, the unions put a lot of effort and risk into not letting the military vehicles they were working on from getting shipped overseas to a bloodthirsty tyrant, and had some impressive success right up until Margaret Thatcher showed up.

Speaking of whom, what a terribly difficult year it's been for poor old David Cameron. He's not been able to persuade the opposition either to produce shameless hagiographies of a woman who supported violent dictators, or to condemn violent dictators by blowing foreigners up.

Never have their been so many restrictions to be an unfeeling, hypocritical bumgargoyle. 

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