Friday, 11 October 2013

Friday 40K: "My Next Baby's Name Is 'Oops'!"

This week on Friday 40K, I present the largest kit I've yet painted: a Tyranid Tervigon from Hive Fleet Tengu. As usual, it's a fairly simple paint job to fit in with the army I've been painting since I was an utterly inept fifteen year old (current levels of ineptness are up for dicussion, but I'm certainly not quite as bad as I once was), but I've put some effort into shading the armour and claws.

If I'm remembering right, this brings my Tyranids up to around the 2750 points mark.  And just in time for the new Codex to come out (January 2014, I think) and swap everything around!

Of course, with an average spawn size of 10-11, and an average of two spawns a game, I'll probably have to spend some time painting more Termagants so as to represent the siblings of this little guy here:

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