Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Nor Is Any Woman Powered By Electricity

This made me laugh pretty hard, assuming, as I think we must do, that it's a joke.

I mean, as a joke, it's pretty funny.  It's notably less funny than when my friend Phil told me conspiratorially "Novels: those are a pack of lies, aren't they?", but Mr Gallagher is trying his best here.

Unless he actually means what he's saying, of course.  That's hilarious in a different way.  We'll leave aside the obvious objection here - Gallagher lists his favourite film as The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, which two Italian guys just, like, totally made up - and point out Gallagher himself writes fictitious songs. No-one will ever find him in a champagne supernova.  No-one will ever find a champagne supernova.  Should one ever create a champagne supernova - a disgraceful waste of booze that could have otherwise been used to, you know, get me drunk - it will utterly inaccessible to those unfortunates who find themselves caught beneath landslides.

Come on, Noel.  We all hate people in roughly similar professions who look down on us for no good reason; I was a maths teacher for three years, after all.  If your going to put the boot in, though, do it with a least a nod towards internal coherence, yeah? S'all I'm sayin'.

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