Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Tale Of Cocktails #42/#43

(Sugarific) Ciderific

6 oz cider
1 oz rum
1 cinnamon stick
(1 tsp brown sugar)
Lemon slice to garnish
Taste: 6 (8)
Look: 6 (7)    
Cost: 9 (9)
Name: 8 (8)
Prep: 7 (7)
Alcohol: 3 (3)
Overall: 6.6 (7.4)

Preparation: Pour alcohol (and sugar) into a small saucepan. Add cinnamon and heat slowly for five minutes. Strain and pour. Add lemon slice and drink.
General Comments: A drink for Festivus! There are two variants to this concoction, one with and one without brown sugar.  Your preference will probably depend on how sweet your tooth is, but with the sugar added what you have here is basically mulled cider with the rum filling in for the spice; not flashy, but solid.  Without it you've got a fairly bland concoction that somehow conspires to taste a little like weak whisky - especially if you heat it up too quickly.  Either way it's a nice warming drink for cold winter nights, but it's only when you add the sugar that it really feels worth the effort (and as a bonus, it looks less like dehydrated piss).

Really, anything that ends with ...ific should be able to bring more to the party than this manages, but if you find yourself growing bored of mulled wine, this can certainly be pressed into service as an adequate substitute.

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