Friday, 27 December 2013

Friday Talisman: Put 'Em Away, Love

From the largest Talisman character to the smallest. I painted this tiny sprite purely to help even out my average time per miniature; the Dragon Rider took ages and putting this together was almost absurdly simple (though the wing veins needed sensitive handling).

I quite like the final result, or at least the bit I really don't like - the pose - is out of my hands.  I realise we pretty much lost the high fantasy genre to the mouthbreathing perverts before I was even born, but once upon a time we at least tended to save the explicit sexualising for the humans.  Quite why this tiny woodland fairy needs to be shoving her arse out and bending over to reveal her (proportionally) cavernous cleavage is quite beyond me.  Given her size, it's impossible to believe she needs to bend over to pick anything up.  Anything but a SEX-CRAZED MAN, that is!

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