Monday, 24 March 2014

A Tale Of Cocktails #46

Banana Cow

1 oz rum
1 oz crème de bananes
1 1/2 oz creme
Dash grenadine
Nutmeg and banana to garnish
Taste: 7
Look: 8  
Cost: 8
Name: 7
Prep: 6
Alcohol: 4
Overall: 7.0

Preparation: Shake liquid ingredients with ice.  Pour into a cocktail glass.  Grate nutmeg over the cocktail and garnish with a banana slice.

General Comments: So Fliss found us a random cocktail generator the other day.  Which is awesome, obviously.  I have a huge yen for randomness.  It's how I pick comics to buy, my preferred way to listen to albums, how I choose which episode of Supernatural to put on whilst Fliss and I are playing Ghost Stories or Elder Sign... It throws up interesting combinations that spark new ideas.

Or, in this case, gets you drunk in ways you might never have thought about.

The banana cow - named, one presumes, for combination of banana liquor and cream - is sweet and thick. The combination works well; it's sweet enough to be moreish, and thick enough to stop you swigging it down in seconds - the nutmeg detracts just enough from the sweetness in this regard.  This rather limits the refreshment the drink can offer, but that's fine.  It just means this is something to try second or third during a cocktail evening.

I also assume you can't drink too many of them, lest you fall prey to diarrhoea, insanity, hallucinations and ultimately death. Again, this counts against the drink somewhat in terms of how often you'll want to reach for it, and the slightly fiddly nature of putting it together causes problems here as well.

But it looks nice and tastes nice. Nothing at all wrong with a cocktail best enjoyed in small doses.

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