Friday, 7 March 2014

Quiet Around Here...

...Innit? In large part, that's from struggling to think of anything to say.  The major news story of the day just isn't anything I can sensibly comment on.  I mean, Crimea, dude. Dude? Crimea.

(I suppose though it's a fairly damning commentary that I don't know shit about the Ukraine's problems and I can still tell a significant percentage of US political commentators are two enclaves short of a united Georgia. It is difficult to have hope for a species who watches columnists argue Russia has invaded the Crimea because Obama didn't bomb Syria, and then rewards them with money, rather than beatings and exile.)

I suppose the best thing I can do is to outsource.  Here's the always sensible [1] Daniel Larison with his twelve point plan on how the US can respond to foreign protests without being a worthless punk.  An awful lot of what is contained therein would be worth our own government taking note of - we may not have a Navy strong enough to scare seagulls off of Rockall, but our rhetorical flourishes could perhaps still do with some downsizing.

[1] On foreign policy.  On domestic policy, ever so much not so much.

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