Friday, 23 May 2014

Friday 40K: The Heavenly Host Descends

At long last, after a quite ridiculous amount of time, I've managed to paint up the standard bearer for my Sanguinary Guard , and thereby finish the squad off.  Eagle-eyed readers will note that the banner being carried is not actually the right colours for the Blood Angels chapter banner, but nuts to it; I prefer it this way.

With this squad and my Tervigon/Harpy taking both my Blood Angels and Tyranids well above 2000 points (I think they're about 2500 and 2250, respectively), I think it's high time to show my Dark Angels some love. Of course, I have practically the entirety of Dark Vengeance available to do that (the Dark Angels Captain is the only Imperial model I've painted so far from that particular box set), but since I already have Tactical Squads, a Deathwing Squad, and Ravenwing bikers, I'm thinking I should go for something a tad more esoteric.

Time to invest in a Land Speeder Vengeance, I reckon.

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