Sunday, 11 May 2014

Things I Learned This Week

This last week was set aside for catching up with family and friends, so mainly I was reminded that my friends' child can be hilarious:
Everyone! I will now sing Fireman Sam!
But also somewhat terrifying:
I am a farmer OF PEOPLE!

I was also forced to confront the fact that my father's mind may now be wondering quite some way from the beaten path:

Dad: I heard this story you'd love.  There's this guy who has to go see a play being put on by this terrible but wealthy actress, who's hired a theatre and employed a cast so she can star in an adaptation of Anna Karenina.  Have you read the book?
SpaceSquid: I have not.
D: Well anyway.  They're all there handing out their Hanukkah presents.
SS: Hanukkah?
D: A sort of Jewish Christmas.
SS: I know what it is, I just don't think that-
D: And then the Gestapo arrive.
SS: What?
D: And our guy shouts "Look in the attic!"
SS: ...
D: What? Isn't it funny?
SS: Do you mean Anne Frank?
D: Er... yes.
SS: Now it's funny.

I suppose there is something oddly comforting in the idea that the generations above and below mine are just as bizarre as my own.


darkman said...

Thanks to my years working in kindergarten I now actually know the lyrics to Fireman Sam.

SpaceSquid said...

I have at least the first verse and chorus down thanks to my brother watching it religiously when he was little.

Is there a Norwegian translation, or is it the English version? Or, for bonus points, the original Welsh?

darkman said...

Here you go:

SpaceSquid said...

Takk! I am now awash in nostalgia, and I've learned a new Norwegian word, which takes my total up to two at the very least.