Thursday, 10 July 2014

Compare And Contrast

I'm having trouble deciding, so I figured a comparative list of advantages would be smart.

Amazon Prime:

  • Not hideously expensive, allowing a greater proportion of my wages to go on booze and Chinese food;
  • Lets me watch loads of Grimm and Parks and Rec for free;
  • 10 million subscribers can't be wrong (well, they can and almost certainly are wrong, but they're clearly not unhappy);
  • Sign-up rates are incredibly impressive, so joining makes me look cool;
  • Allows me to further decrease any real contact with the outside world;
  • Chunky "play button" logo reminds me of VHS, thus calming my increasingly burned-out technophobe mind.

But on the other hand:

Optimus Prime:

  • Is a motherfucking boss.

This is so insanely hard, people. I NEED HELP!


darkman said...

Grimm sucks though

SpaceSquid said...

I kinda like it, though I confess it's only as high a priority as it is because it's one of the few shows my other half and I will both watch.