Friday, 4 July 2014

Friday 40K: 70% Done, 100% Evil

First up in our fortnightly update of my painting table, here's a picture of my growing scenery collection.  The manufactorum I've shown you before, but I've added a pair of ruins I've drybrushed using the same paints, and I've also dug out a trench I acquired from a wargaming convention I was at, ooh, nine years ago now, I think.

But enough with the inaminate objects! You're here for interstellar killers, I can tell.  So how about these, then; I've added two more Chaos cultists to my growing squad, for a total of seven. Just three more and the squad, and my Chaos combat patrol, will finally be finished. I'll probably celebrate by painting some Eldar. I've always fancied some Iyanden forces about the place.  Nothing like a wee bit of necromancy... in space.

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