Monday, 30 November 2015

I Love It When A Best-Laid Plan Comes Together...

...Albeit very much not how I'd anticipated. In particular, I had no idea that the third of Heri's stories (second in the running order) would become a novella in itself, nor that it would be, after 21000 words, still going.  It's not even very good.

But a win's a win. Even though I fucking hate that title.


Midget_Yoda said...


Confession: I have no idea what the rules of Nanowrimo are so I'm not sure what 'win' constitutes in this context but hey, every certificate, from "I survived basic food hygene" to "Doctor of Philosophy" and everything in between, deserves a celebratory comment.

Also, probably a beer.

SpaceSquid said...

It means I wrote 50000 words of fiction in November. Technically what I've generated isn't a novel but a half-finished anthology of stories I don't actually like, but still; good practice, I think.