Monday, 23 November 2015

The Best Laid Plans: Redux Squared

Nope, still not given up. The problem now is after writing a combined total of ten or eleven thousand words on story two and the Heri/Ryarn follow-up, and being some way into the editing them, I realised there needed to be a story that went in-between it and "The Eight-Pointed Star." I'm probably just past the halfway point of that replacement second story, but I'm not sure how long it'll be until it's up.

But the actual word-count is coming along pretty nicely. At the time of writing this I'm about to hit thirty-four thousand, which has me behind, but only by a day and a half or so.  It's going to be tight, since I've got so much on this weekend (mainly going to the Birmingham Christmas Market and recovering from going to the Birmingham Christmas Market, though we're headed to a castle too), but if I don't let anything distract me, I should be able to win my first NaNoWrimo since 2008.

So, obviously; I'm going to go write a "No Apologies..." post. Because fuck you, Squid's muse.

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