Monday, 4 April 2016

A Tale Of Cocktails #60 (Easter Special)

Mini Egg Martini


3 oz vodka
2 oz chocolate liqueur1 1/2oz Irish cream

Taste: 8
Look: 5
Cost: 7
Name: 6
Prep: 6
Alcohol: 7
Overall: 6.7

Preparation: Crush a few chocolate mini eggs with a pestle and mortar. Rub the rim of a glass with honey, and press into crushed mini eggs.  Shake all ingredients with ice and strain. Add more mini-egg pieces and serve.

General Comments: OK, so I guess it doesn't look great. Maybe I should've used a less runny honey; the visual impact of pieces of brown chunks sliding down the inside of your glass, leaving glistening yellow/brown trails, is not necessarily a feast for the eyes.

But it tastes absolutely great. The cocktail itself is sweet and thick, though not too thick thanks to the vodka. Add in the chocolate and the honey, though, and you end up with what can best be described as a boozy Toblerone smoothie. If that isn't your thing than I quite simply don't think this blog, or this planet, has anything to offer you. Indeed, if this thing has a weakness, it's that the vodka thins things out too much. I can easily imagine myself playing around with the mix to provide more delicious gloopiness.  Or at least, I could if it wasn't such a bloody pain to make in the first place.

(And yes, I realise it's more than a week too late for this to really be an Easter special. I was ill as balls over the actual holiday. I'm celebrating on behalf of all the bunnies that didn't get any fucking in during the first week of spring because they were tucked up in their beds having weird dreams about Marxist Gundam suits, or whatever the lagamorphic equivalent is of same.)

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