Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday Dreadfleet: The Swordfysh

It's been a long time since I've shown you anything from my paint bench, I realise. The reason behind this will probably shock no-one who follows the blog or knows me in the meatsphere - turns out nothing curtails your painting time so much as a cat who loves to drink paint water, throw brushes to the ground, and gnaw on small plastic objects. It's also a pretty drawn out process for me to get through a Dreadfleet ship at the best of times. This is only the third I've completed since I got the game five years ago, and if I remember rightly I first base-coated the Swordfysh back in 2014.

Still, she's done now, and I'm rather fond of her.

Below is the whole of my painting efforts for the game to date, minus the Curse of Zandri that hasn't got past me spraying it black and painting its base.


darkman said...

Fysh sounds like the norwegian word "fysj" which pretty much means ew.

SpaceSquid said...

Maybe the captain is terrified of bladed weapons? This would be unusual for a Games Workshop product, admittedly, but perhaps this was a bold new direction for the company and no-one noticed.

(Though either way she still has a fuckload of cannons, I guess.)