Friday, 14 March 2008

SpaceSquid Productions

My aforementioned hapless director (whom I in fact love dearly, and shall henceforth be referred to on these pages as Senior Spielbergo) will be arriving this evening, equipment in hand, to allow us to record the DVD commentary for our masterpiece. Doubtless the increasingly complex DVD cases Spielbergo has been designing will state "Features commentary from director, producer, and screen-writer", although it might be closer to the truth were it to read "Three drunken twenty-somethings attempt to MST3000 their own film."

The current plan (mine at least, Spielbergo might have other ideas; ditto my executive producer/flatmate, herein referred to as Big G) is to record three versions, possibly (read: inevitably) in increasing states of agitation and inebriation. Then we can slap it together in whatever order embarrasses the least (quite a challenge). We may add sections of Brian Blessed's Flash Gordon commentary as well, to fill gaps, essentially because said article is easily the greatest film commentary ever created. Should Spielbergo, Big G or myself somehow run out of words at any point in the proceedings (anyone who has ever met us either together or separately will know that this is unlikely) it gives us comfort to know Voltan will be on hand to praise our actor's purity, or laugh uncontrollably in a faintly disturbing fashion.

Plus, of course, this may give me the necessary push I've been needing to sign up for NaNoWriMo's Script Frenzy. Writing that novel back in November almost killed me, but it also served as a pretty useful distraction to some of the less fun aspects of my existence. Maybe I can stave off reality to the same extent with this.

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