Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Zero Hour

Less than an hour to go before my fourth and likely final Japanese exam. I am now in a state of rising panic. Not to the extent that I can be bothered reading through my notes again, apparently, but then there's only so much good the last-minute cram can do anyway.

I've really enjoyed the classes over the last two years, but in many ways I'll be glad when it's all over. With this out of the way I can focus more fully upon completing my thesis, and subconsciously sabotaging my own love life.

Always a good idea to stick to what you know.

Update: Crud! Ah blew it! The listening paper went very well, but the writing? Fah! In fairness, it seems like an odd idea to reduce the time from the usual hour to thirty-five minutes, whilst keeping the paper the same length, increasing the amount of Japanese script, and testing twice the level of knowledge. But then it must have been a deliberate move, since we had time before the nightmare to watch an episode of Japanorama (K suggested it was irritating that the BBC spends our license fee to pay for Jonathan Ross to go to Japan, but I think the BBC made its mistake in paying for him to come back). At least I now know that I... am... otaku, which clearly is a good thing.

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