Thursday, 21 August 2008

Fun Stuff, Because I Am Lazy

I came across an idea courtesy of sarahkay (h/t also to Selkie), and have stolen it without compunction. Mainly because I haven't the energy to be creative right now, I'm just killing time before a supervisory meeting which may or not cost me my testicles.

The basic idea is easy: I simply type in my name to various Google searches along with one or two other keywords and then see what comes out. Obviously "SpaceSquid" doesn't work, (or to be more accurate, simply spits out thing's I've said.) Thus, MotCC proudly presents: 12 FACTS OF RIC!
  • Ric needs and hopefully has smart management.
  • Ric looks like he really enjoys it when Taker bows to him.
  • Ric says, vote yes on Amendment 2. [1]
  • Ric wants to know why Jason is always round Elizabeth.
  • Ric does not list a seated SALVS AGV type for the Ticinum mint.
  • Ric hates America; Florida; loves eternal war. [2]
  • Ric asks if he can smoke a cigarette and after a thoughtful drag continues.
  • Ric goes to the movies.
  • Ric likes to take risks.
  • Ric eats anything!!
  • Ric wears a mosaic coat in shades of rose and grey on black.
  • Ric was arrested for drunk driving.

Several of these are directly attributable to Ric Flair, of course. Which is a bit of a shame, because I was hoping to gain some reflected glory from Ric Olie, least crappy of the Phantom Menace characters (narrowly beating the Theed Palace caretaker who didn't stay on screen long enough to sear my eyes with hate!)

[1] Seriously, though; don't. It's a Floridan Constitutional Amendment designed to ban gay marriage.

[2] This is particularly annoying because I actually wrote a column called "Ric Hates" for at least three years. There should be a dedicated website by now. Or at least, I don't know, a shadowy cult, or something.

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