Monday, 18 August 2008

Let's See How Long This Lasts

So, as an exercise in self-discipline (hah!) and in the firm belief that constant writing both sharpens my skill-set (hah!) and stops me moping (h- you get the idea), I'm going to try and post something here every day from now onwards, at least until the 7th of September (the beginning of SpaceSquid In Exile month, which sounds faintly and pleasingly like a Marvel crossover event). Since I've spent most of today feeling crappy and the remainder of it having my head handed to me at badminton (playing Olympic rules will take some getting used to, though I imagine that has less to do with it than the fact I suck), I didn't really have energy to slap together anything particularly profound. Instead, I thought I'd offer the following two links.

Over here Chris Sims discusses the Joker, and over here Mightygodking investigates Lex Luthor. Much of the specifics are lost on me since I've read almost no DC in my life (with the obvious exception of Vertigo stuff), but both are very well-crafted, and provide some interesting tips on how to continue my own series on the X-Men.

Speaking of which, hopefully I should have Angel's article ready to upload tomorrow. After that, who knows? Maybe my shopping list, or something.

PS: Anyone with the time could do much, much worse than to bookmark Mightygodking. The man is both very smart and very funny (it's not every day someone quotes Paradise Lost in an article about comic books and it makes perfect sense). His photoshopped comics are particularly good (I don't even feel like I need to read the real Civil War after checking out his version); it's an idea I may well shamelessly steal at some point in the future, mainly because I think it will force me to get some practice in with my dialogue, which is definitely one of my writing weaknesses.

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