Thursday, 16 October 2008

Make Your Own Fun

Nothing terribly complex from me today, I'm afraid. I spent most of the day arguing with a mook about the American press, and fully intend to spend the remainder of it reliving my childhood.

You can come too, if you like. Rebelstar II is one of the best games the Spectrum produced (which is a more impressive accolade than you might remember). It was the forerunner to the much more well known Lords of Chaos, in which you played a wizard who used magically summoned creatures to beat the mystical shit out of other wizards, apparently just for a laugh. Which may have been awesome, but also failed to include the sight of watching Dan Dare attempt to insert a lightsabre up the jacksie of one of those drooling things off of Aliens. That's progress, I guess.

Update: Full marks to this emulator for not altering Rebelstar II to fit in with today's programming philosophy that it should be even remotely plausible to beat a video game. My first attempt saw me beaten like a red-headed step-child. The second almost ended in a draw, but due to a pair of hasty button presses (no Undo Move or Are You Sure? features here, my friends) saw me go down in flames.

My third game saw me beating the shit out of the enemy right up until the game froze. They've coded in the freezing when losing feature! That's some dedication, right there.

Update II: I should have hat-tipped trollface for the link above. Very remiss of me.

Damn thing's still freezing every time I catch a whiff of victory...

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That's a, er, pair of games, not a command, by the way.

I was with you in spirit on the press thing, but there was nothing sensible I could add that wouldn't merely get in your way. Although it did get me thinking about how there is no such thing as a neutral press position to argue from/with, which, to trim a slightly longer train of thought, necessarily makes everyone else's job a lot harder in cases like these.