Monday, 20 October 2008

Sleeping With The Enemy (Metaphorically Speaking)

Based on the entirely sensible theory that one shouldn't only read those one agrees with, and based on the quality of this post (which expresses perfectly the point that the Republican's aren't evil because they're conservative, but because they are intolerable douchebags), I'm adding the right-leaning Eunomia to my list of "the competition". Obviously I use that phrase with as much irony as I would if I were to describe Hemingway as "a fellow writer".

Now get yourselves over there and explain why he's wrong about everything.

Update: Actually, the more posts I read on Eunomia, the more I feel sympathy for Dan Larison. He's clearly a very smart conservative, but he feels compelled to spend all his time eloquently decrying the vapid freakshow that his party has become, rather than actually getting on with the more important business of arguing with the other side.

Update II: Having been reading Larison for some days now, I should point out that I was incorrect to refer to the GOP as "his party". He's a conservative independent, who voted for Chuck Baldwin this year. I never even realised he was running.

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