Monday, 27 October 2008

SpaceSquid vs. Hollywood No.2

Title: Licence to Licence to Kill

Hollywood Formula Pitch: (Office Space - Idiocracy) x The Living Daylights

Synopsis: Touching yet adrenaline-charged story of the quiet, unassuming British Intelligence operative Hugo Jobsworth, who alone amongst the Queen’s men is entrusted with stamping and signing those "licences to kill" that all those smug double-0 bastards seem to think get passed out like Cheetos. Day after day he sits quietly seething as Bond chats up the women in the department, in direct contravention of Civil Service regulations, and plots grabbing revenge by revoking the martini-slinging pretty-boy’s parking privileges. But once 007 shoots a Russian oligarch, and is thrown in a Siberian gulag because someone failed to fill out the relevant forms in triplicate, only one man can save him.

How will Bond cope with a situation too bureaucratic for him to bonk his way out of? Is Hugo man enough to swallow his pride and reach for the carbon paper? And will he insist on finishing his lunch break first?

Money shot: Watching Bond's furrowed Neanderthal brow attempt to wrestle with photocopying his own P2-G742 form.

Tagline: Killing is easy. Paperwork is murder.

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