Monday, 24 November 2008

I Appreciate The Effort

Senor Spielbergo e-mailed me this link earlier, on the grounds that I could probably use it as the launching point for a bile-filled post on the idiocy of vast swathes of the conservative American blogosphere. Apparently, you no longer need your elected officials, or your press, or even a defeated enemy, to tell you when a war has been won, you can just unilaterally declare victory with your internet buddies.

Seriously, that's literally what they're suggesting.

Surely, though, this is beyond parody. I mean, how can I live in a world where this picture isn't ironic?

Or where you can apparently prove a war has been won because less American soldiers are shot (edit: shot in Iraq, I mean) than American citizens are shot in Chicago? [1]

It'd be like kicking a puppy; it just wouldn't be fair.

[1] Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's a particularly encouraging statistic. I'm just not sure more civvies dying in one city than soldiers in a war is proof that the war is over, so much as it is that Chicago is not somewhere people should be spending any time if they can help it.


jamie said...

And somehow the thousands of Iraqis dying doesn't really seem to be an issue... I suppose since they're the 'enemy' it only provides more proof that 'we' won...

What a bunch of morons.

Pause said...

I think my favourite bit of that picture, if you can even pick apart something that heavily glued together by the weight of its own ignorance, is the Iraqis smiling happily before the US flag in the background; obviously they've already forgotten that moment a few years ago.

Still, now we know what comes after blogosphere and blogofractal - blogoholeinsand.