Saturday, 10 January 2009

Brief Distraction

Here's something to keep you busy whilst I sleep off my Friday night pub trip. I stole this from a friend on Facebook, though given she stole it too, my conscience is clear. The basic idea is simple. Here are the first lines from the first twenty-five songs that i-Tunes decides to play to me. I'll bold out each one as someone correctly identifies both artist and song in comments. Let's see if you can make it to twenty-five. Needless to say, using Google will make baby Jesus cry.

1. I drink a coffee every morning, comes from a place that's far away - Colin Hay, I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You.
2. My reflection, dirty mirror; there's no connection to my soul - Smashing Pumpkins, Zero (how did no-one get this?)
3. Every early morning, just to wake up and put coffee on the stove - Roddy Woomble, Every Line Of A Long Moment.
4. Cease to resist, giving my goodbye - The Pixies, Wave Of Mutilation. (Jamie)
5. To ponder the worst in doubt, to pick up where we left off without thinking too loud- Hundred Reasons, Still Be Here.
6. Another sunny day, so I'll meet you at the cemetery gates - The Smiths, Cemetary Gates. (Jamie)
7. Woke up on a sofa in an unfamiliar house, surrounded by sleeping folks that I didn't know- Frank Turner, The Real Damage.
8. It's one of those times that I can't seem to find the words or thoughts- Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly, Call Me Ishmael.

9. Your light's still on, I can see it from the outside. - Styrofoam, After Sunset. (BigHead)
10. This song's made up, it's second rate, cosmetic music powder-puff - James, Hymn From A Village. (Jamie)
11. My daddy was the family bassman, my momma was an engineer - Simon and Garfunkel, Baby Driver.
12. Everything you said was true, everything you did was you- British Sea Power, It Ended On An Oily Stage.
13. Now the towers have fallen, too much dust in the air- James, Hey Ma (shame on you, Jamie).
14. Got a feelin' 21 is gonna be a good year - The Who, 1921 (Dan)
15. A church is burning, the flames rise higher - Simon and Garfunkel, A Church Is Burning. (Jamie)

16. When everything eternal seems to fade to nothing, I try to counterbalance, if only to see it through- Hundred Reasons, The Chance.
17. And I know, and I know, and I know that ev'rybody, and I know that ev'rybody be happy- The Kinks, Everybody's Gonna Be Happy.
18. "They're going wild!" the call came in- REM, Disturbance At The Heron House.
19. Goodnight, goodnight sweet baby, the world has more for you than it seems- Ben Folds Five, Lullaby.

20. There is no political solution to our troubled evolution - The Police, Spirits In The Material World. (Mozz)
21. Checked the clock when I got home and realised I was alone- The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, Where'd You Go?
22. I have a choice between the bat and the belt- Foo Fighters, Wind Up.

23. St. Jimmy's comin' down across the alleyway - Green Day, St. Jimmy. (Jamie)
24. Why do you come here, and why do you hang around? Morrissey, Suedehead. (Mozz)

25. Are you open for trade, your salvation, for something, for some thrills? - James, Five-0. (Jamie)

Update: Mozz points out in comments that I've got number 20 wrong. In my defence, I much prefer my line. "Too much talk of revolution" gives the impression that we're all so busy demanding massive sweeping changes right frakking now that we fail to sort any of the little stuff out instead of bickering.

No takers? Well, nuts to you, then.

(I stuffed up Fields of Gold in my facebook version of this quiz, too: clearly Sting is a bad influence).

Don't forget that we're still looking for a positive identification for the Who song Dan correctly identified as being from Tommy (and if anyone has a copy of said album, it won't take much working out, even without listening to it).

Update II: Answers finally up. I know you were all desperate for them.


jamie said...

Another one!

4. Wave of Mutilation
6. The Cemetery Gates
10. Hymn From a Village
11. Baby Driver
15. A Church is Burning
23. St. Jimmy
25. Dream Thrum - actually no, can't bloody think of the right James track. Shall have to give it some though.

jamie said...

Ah! Silly me, it's Five-O. Only one of my favourite tracks...

Gooder said...

Um, "Whine, She Doesn't Love Me" by Whiney White Boy for er, well all of them?

Senior Spielbergo said...

Damm just spotted this one and Gooder has already beaten me to the Whiney White Boy comment… Now seriously I only recognise one and that is No 14 and I don’t even know what it is called. I do know it’s by The Who and from Tommy but I have not a Scooby as to what the name of the song is… Maybe half a point?

SpaceSquid said...

Yeah, half a point awarded.

Mozz said...

Evenink Mr Squid. Couple of thoughts.

20 is awfully similar to, but not quite the same as Spirits In The Material World by The Police.
24 is most definitely Suedehead by Stephen Patrick M.

Nice idea, I will steal it for my own!

SpaceSquid said...

Bloody Hell Mozz, you're right! I totally stuffed up that line from Spirits... I completely misheard it (note to self: transcribe nothing while drunk).

And, of course, you're right on Suedehead too. Go you.

Senior Spielbergo said...

RE: No. 14. What is annoying is that I do have a copy of the Tommy Album, I just can't find it! And it appears I didn't bother to copy the full thing to iTunes only a few selected songs (of which this isn't one of them). I do recall it was pretty near the beginning but that's about it... Soon I shall probably succumb to the Google search, but I don’t want to make baby Jesus cry :¬(

SpaceSquid said...

I'm sure you can get away with just finding the track list on-line. It would just be googling the lyrics themselves that would mark you out as a cad and a bounder.

Senior Spielbergo said...

Oh *Bleep*ing the *Bleep* *Bleep*. It's *Bleep*ing* "1921". Should have known it would be something obvious

BigHead said...

9: After Sunset by Styrofoam


SpaceSquid said...

Took your time.

Still, the truth is the truth, I suppose...

jamie said...

I'm more ashamed about the Foo Fighters one than 'Hey Ma' - I really don't remember much except the chorus from that 'un. Also a bit annoyed at not getting the BSP song either.

Not very good at catching Pumpkins lyrics either, I'll be the first to admit.