Friday, 12 March 2010

Musings Near The Med 2

Continuing our series of travelogues for those that despise travel; five things I've learned about Granada:

1. My breakfast bar has a radio so tinny I genuinely spent the first third of "Losing My Religion" believing Michael Stipe had been replaced with a Cylon. This is amusing.

2. My temporary office is in a building so new the facilities have no toilet paper, or indeed locks on the door. This is irritating.

3. The "Irish" pub sixty feet from my building is staffed by Belgians and obsessed with kareoke. This is surprising.

4. What I thought was a water fountain on the ground floor of my building turns out to be connected to a keg of beer. This is also surprising, but I prepared to live with it.

5. The campus cafeteria features a 12-foot painting of a naked woman violently giving birth to a fully-grown beaver. This is terrifying in a manner words alone could never convey.

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