Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Quz 1 Redux

Answers up now. Contrary to what I said at the time, I am now counting a combined total of 31 for you guys, which goes up to 32 if I assume Chemie was actually proffering an answer rather than simply decrying my debasement of science.

Am very surprised no-one got Black Flag; I'd have thought "the opposite of surrender" bit combined with knowing a colour was involved should have been clue enough. Also surprised no-one put down the Cretaceous (Jamie's last-minute change of heart notwithstanding). The other dropped questions were intentionally nasty, however, though only two (Cuba and "Bleak House") were gotten by no-one at the pub either.

1 comment:

Chemie said...

I was just decrying your chemistry. Because I totally knew Carlson as well. An Elm tree book question series on something I've know about! Never happened before, probably never will again.