Thursday, 18 August 2011

Linked Distractions: Part 2

I'm off on another jaunt this weekend - I'm headed to Poland to watch Mad Richard get married - but whilst I'm gone, here's the second part of the Linked Distractions music quiz for you to think about.

The same rules as last time: there are 33 song titles (from L to S, this time), each one of which is represented by two first lines from two different songs.  One point each for the name of the song, and for either of the two artists.  The 100th point goes to anyone who can name a third song with the same title, along with the artist who recorded it, that's currently in my collection.  This time round there are four such songs.

1.   "Hung up here on your web of comfort"
      "You're only 29"
2.   "Heart bleeds for now it's temporary"
      "Since your mother cast her spell"
3.   "In many ways they'll miss the good old days"
      "Don't hold me like that"
4.    Oh My Heart (Jamie)
      "The kids have a new take" R.E.M. (SpaceSquid (d'oh!))
      "I adore this life, there is no guarantee" (Jamie)
5.   "So here you are, my friend"
      "You don't know what's going on"
6.   Suspicion (Jamie)
      "Ain't it light the sun to never shine"
      "Now my suspicion's on the rise" R.E.M. (Jamie)
7.    Surprise (Jamie)
      "I feel the day's arriving soon"
      "So you thought we were over?" James (Jamie)
8.   "This is the sound, the here and the now"
      "This may be the last thing that I write for long"
9.   "I was eight years old"
      "On back down in my home town"
10.  Shame (Midget_Yoda)
      "You're gonna walk on home"
      "What did we learn here - it's that love tastes bitter when it's
       gone" Matchbox 20 (Midget_Yoda)
11. "If you need a friend, don't look to a stranger"
      "How time will heal, make me forget"
12. Stay (BigHead)
      "Stay, oh oh oh stay"
      "People stay just a little bit longer"
13. "I tell you I didn't do it, 'cos I wasn't there"
      "'Shut the fuck up' she said"
14. Mother (Jamie)
      "This war's a mother-fucker" James (Jamie)
      "Well the telephone is ringing"
15. "It's too late for remorse"
      "Lately I've been livin' in my head"
16.  Superman (Jamie)
      "I am, I am, I am Superman" R.E.M. (Jamie)
      "You don't know what it's been like"
17.  (The) Miracle (Midget_Yoda)
       "Every drop of rain that falls" Queen (Midget_Yoda)
       "Crazy but I believe this time"
18. "This is the first song for your mix tape"
      "Maybe we could put your tape back on"
19. "Restless little one"
      "'Over and out', she said"
20. "Settle down, don't settle down without me"
      "Brimming with useless information"
21.  Smoke (Jamie)
      "Leaf by leaf and page by page" Ben Folds Five (Jamie)
      "Over and out of it for one more plane ride out"
22.  Soma (Jamie)
      "Soma is what they will take when hard times open their
      eyes" The Strokes (Jamie)
      "Nothing left to say, and all I've left to do"
23. "Dusk has dawned this day: where did it go?"
      "Hey you, are you in there?"
24. "No I won't do it again"
      "Why should you leave your home when the TV's on"
25. "Say the west is a story we made up to erase"
      "How long, how long will I slide?"
26. "I've informed you to leave"
      "The night is falling, thank God"
27. Stop (Jamie)
      "Yes it's true that I believe" Matchbox 20 (Jamie)
      "Don't have to be the prettiest"
28. "This is the first (thing I remember)"
       "What's the matter, why don't you answer"
29.  Know Your Enemy (Chuck)
       "Do you know the enemy?" Green Day (Chuck)
       "Huh! Yeah we're comin' back then with another bombtrack"
        Rage Against The Machine (Chuck)
30. "Where you're hiding, the shine off the wall"
        "If you want to be free then I want you be"
31. "On a Sunday I'll think it through"
       "Heavy night, it was a heavy night"
32. "The credits roll, the camera pans"
      "I beg to differ, to break the chain"
33.  The Road (Jamie)
      "Highways and dancehall, a good song takes you far"
      "The road is fucking hard, the road is fucking tough"
      Tenacious D (Jamie)

Last time round y'all managed 40%.  Let's smash that bitch!


BigHead said...

12 is going to have to be called "Stay". Don't know either of the songs or artists, but that just has to be the name, hasn't it.

SpaceSquid said...


Chuck said...

29. Know Your Enemy - Green Day and RATM.

SpaceSquid said...


Midget_Yoda said...

10 b is Shame by Matchbox 20

and I suspect
17a is (The) Miracle by Queen

Is 12a by Shakespear's Sister?

Jamie said...

4. Oh My Heart - James
6. Suspicion - REM
7. Surprise - James
14. Mother - James
16. Superman - REM
22. Soma - The Strokes
27. Stop - Matchbox 20
33. The Road - Tenacious D

SpaceSquid said...

You're right on the first two, M_Y, but not the third. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write "Queen Midget Yoda", though.

And an extraordinary run from Jamie: all correct. I should note for the purposes of total accuracy that R.E.M. covered "Superman"; it's originally a song by The Clique, but since that's the version I have (as Jamie is fully aware) it would be stoopid not to award the point.

That's you one point short of 25%, and with several songs for which you now know the title. By all means, continue.

Jamie said...

Well, in an amusing turn of events you put the wrong 'Oh My Heart' one up, so you might as well put the James one up as well now ;-) Although I'm kicking myself for not remembering the new REM song... (in fairness, I don't know the album that well yet).

SpaceSquid said...

Crap! Well spotted...

Jamie said...

21. Smoke - Ben Folds Five