Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Vulcans Do Not Feel Schadenfreude

The chances of the US economy being so bad Obama gets the boot next year are a little too high for me to enjoy this completely, but even so, watching conservatives from Karl "no lie too ugly" Rove all the way to Ross "no vicious wingnut position too intellectually indefensible" Douthat spluttering with horror regarding the current GOP presidential line-up is absolutely hilarious.  Apparently it's only just occurred to them that years of demonising all non-conservatives as traitors and generating disingenuous arguments to give cover to their friends rabid psychoses (respectively) has led the GOP to the point where the only people that have any chance of being elected are a spineless, fawning coward, a lunatic Dominionist, and a secessionist who fired the committee investigating the almost certainly innocent man he had executed.

Good work, guys!  You don't want this shower of fools and grifters to have a shot at the Oval?  Well Captain Spock has a message for you:


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