Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Deep (And Bitter) Thought

Coventry bus timetables are to commuting what Russ-Feingold is to finance reform: they're so toothless as to be completely ignored by those they ostensibly regulate, but at least they give us something specific to point to through our impotent howls as we're being shafted by faceless overlords.

(I've spent a total of 95 minutes waiting for my last three buses, and over two and a half hours for my last six.  This is despite turning up on time for one, and early for the other five.  At this point, I doubt National Express could find any other way to screw up short of hiring yucca plants for drivers or setting their vehicles on flames every seventeen minutes.  And who the Hell decides the best times for a twice-hourly bus are twenty past and half past?  Not that it matters, since both show up on the hour anyway.)

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