Friday, 23 March 2012

"We Would've Been Glad For That!..."

I played this a few nights ago at our fortnightly games night, and it’s inspired.  The basic idea is to inflict misery on your family and then let them die in penury, but most of the fun comes in stitching ever-more hyperbolic stories explaining the chain of disasters to have befallen your relatives.  It’s a lot like listening to my mother gossiping with her friends.  And obviously, there’s something uniquely Yorkshire about competing for the most indescribably fucked-up domestic situation.
Also, the deck is made up of transparent plastic instead of cards.  I don’t know which of my personality traits is more delighted: the OCD section that gets to perfectly stack cards atop each other, or the drunkard who can play this in the pub, secure in the knowledge that everything is wipe-clean.
And if that isn’t enough, there’s a Cthulhu version as well.  I predict shoggoths.  People can never get enough of those fucking shoggoths.

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