Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Tale Of Cocktails #23

Choc Berry


Mug of milk
1 tbsp cocoa
1 oz Chambord
1 oz Triple Sec

Taste: 9
Look: 8
Cost: 8
Name: 9
Prep: 8
Alcohol: 1
Overall: 7.7

Preparation:  Warm the milk.  Stir in first the cocoa, then the alcohol.  Place on a plate garnished with a marshmallow and a mint chocolate stick.

General Comments:  Ooh!  An interactive cocktail!  I didn't consider this possibility when I first conceived of this experiment.  I've added one to the taste value, instead.  After all, if dunking chocolate and marshmallows smothered in warm, sweet milk-based drinks aren't what tickles your fancy, then I don't think there's any hope for you.

Even with such confectionary momentarily placed to one side, this is delicious. It could maybe do with being a fraction sweeter, but then that's what I think about cocoa in general.  The raspberry and orange flavours certainly help in that regard, but I wonder if this would work even better with one of the sweeter hot chocolates out there. 

That's a small niggle, though.  This is a quite delightful drink, just the thing on a cold winter evening (which means that with typical luck, I've discovered it too late), and the low alcohol content means it doesn't feel too cheeky.

Also: best... name... ever.

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