Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Almost Out The Door

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend.  I'm about to head off to sunny Granada for a few days, for a very important research trip which definitely won't involve drinking any Alhambra beer out in the sun.  I should have been going yesterday, of course, but after six years of international travel I suppose I was about due for one of those "We've chucked you off your flight because we can and also fuck you" emails that are so much fun to read less than a week before your departure.

Anyway, expect very light blogging until next week.  To keep you going, here (via Balloon Juice) is a video of a baby penguin being tickled.  Chemie may need oxygen after this.


Chemie said...


SpaceSquid said...

Sorry for killing your wife, Tomsk.

"Very cute and loud" was the response of The Other Half, though she may have been talking about me.